How to find the Vex Armor Trim

How to find the Vex Armor Trim

Vex Armor Trim is the Smithing table’s alteration system that allows armor smithing. Using it will reduce its quantity, but crafting it would recreate it by using seven diamonds and one cobblestone block. Vex armor trims can be looted from chests in any Woodland Mansion, and there are two chances of five appearing in any chest. To be able to get the Vex armor trims, you must begin by looking for a Woodland Mansion, getting ready for the fight, and once the encounter ends, you should search for the trims in the mansion’s chest.

To get the Vex Armor Trim of Minecraft, the search will be the Woodland Mansions, as they are the only source where the Vex armor trims may be found. Woodland Mansions are among the rare mobs in dark oak forests and are home to lesser peace-bringing entities like Vindicators and Evokers, both aggressive monsters. Here is how you can obtain the Vex Armor Trim: Here is how you can get the Vex Armor Trim:

1. Find a Woodland Mansion: The Whereabouts of Woodland Mansions can be mapped out by spending emeralds. The only currency woodland mansion explorer map for 14 can be obtained from a Journeyman-level cartographer villager.

2. Prepare for the Fight: Not only are woodland houses inhabited by aggressive mobs, but they are also among the most dangerous to fight with Illagers – which are Vindicators and Evokers. His most important advice is to ensure you have enough food, armor, and guns before entering.

3. Search for Chests: Be occupied with every inch of the mansion, paying attention to drywalled places behind wooden sheets. a Vex helmet symbol will spawn in the chests within the house every 25th time.

4. Duplicate the Trim: Finding the Vex Armor Trim is crucial, and you can easily duplicate it by combining it with seven diamonds and one cobblestone block.

Following these steps will empower you to find and have the vanity Vex Armor Trim in Minecraft to style your armor in a way that features its eerie design, which originates from the troublesome Vex mob.

Difference between vex armor trim and other armor trims in minecraft

Vex Armor Trim in Minecraft is quite unique because its design is entirely different from that of other armor trims and can be found hidden just around the corner. Here are the key differences between the Vex Armor Trim and other armor trims

1. Design: The Vex Armor’s Trim has a distinctive design depicting the malevolent Vex mob pattern through the glinting eyes of helmets and shirt plaques in the garish yellow of the Void colours. On the one hand, the coats-of-arms like the Sentry Armor Trim, Dune Armor Trim, and Silence Armor Trim have different fighting styles and vary specifically in their geographic spearheads and arms.

2. Location: Vex Armor Trim is found only in actual Woodland mansion chests as ceiling loot and only in specific structures. But the Sentry Armor Trim of Witches Huts or Dune Armor Trim of Desert Temples, which can be obtained in only some locations, have entirely other meanings.

3. Obtaining Difficulty: The completion of the Vex Trim is up there with the most elusive challenges in Minecraft, as Woodland Mansions are not easy to navigate and are populated with Vindicators and Evokers, both emissaries of the evil Wither. More notably, few armor sets like the Sentry Armor Trim, believed to be in chests that can be relieved at Pillager Outposts, are available.

4. Cosmetic Customization: All armor trims, taunter the Vex Armor Trace, carry on their shoulders merely ornamental values that do not influence the power of armor or its abilities in battle. Every trim differs visually and adds a customizing element to the plate armor, giving a player character determinacy.

By understanding these differences, players can choose specific armor trims based on their preferred design aesthetics and embark on quests to collect these unique customization options throughout their Minecraft adventures.

Types of armor trims in minecraft

There are wide varieties of armor in Minecraft, which are different in colour and design. Some of the armor trims include:

  •  Outposts of Pillagers have Sentry Armor Trim (S.A.T.) as a notable material.
  •  Each armor trim in our shop (Dune Armor Trim) will take you from Desert Pyramids for a limited time!
  •  Shipwrecks Crew (ship plundered in seas, found in Shipwrecks Trim)
  •  Don Armor Ore (available in Jungle Temple) (Growling Green Seed is currently unavailable. It means that this seed is missing.
  •  Tide Duct Trim (found in Ocean Battlefields)
  •  Ward Armor Trim (which can be gotten in Ancient Cities’ roleplaying games).
  •  Vex Armor Sewings (found in Yellow Forest Mansions)
  •  Rib Armor Trim (Drop in Nether Fortress) is a trimmed-down version of its Nether Fortress counterpart: the rib armor.
  •  Snout Trim Armor (gesture to Bastion Remnants).
  •  Eye-Armor Casing (Strongholds Found-In)
  •  Set of pages (S.A.T.SAT) of the book of the Spire Armor Trim (it can be obtained in the places in the End Cities)
  •  Wayfinder WP Trim (coincidentally, Trail Ruins)
  •  Raiser_Shield (In ruins of Pathway)
  •  Armor Shaper’s Trim Brace (Trail Ruins)
  •  Presenting player with the opportunity to get the Armor Trim of Host (accessible in Trail Ruins)
  •  This piece, first utilized in Ancient Cities, the Silence Armor Trim, serves our accessibility needs. (A deaf-friendly)

To apply an armor trim, you need a Smithing Table, the armor trim, and material from the following list: Iron, Copper, Gold, Blue Lapiz Lazuli, Emerald, Diamond, Netherite, Redstone, Amethyst, Quartz. The selections will vary according to the different fabrics you will be using.


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