Minecraft Dungeons Arcade Cards

Minecraft Dungeons Arcade Cards

Dive into the world of Minecraft Dungeons in an unprecedented manner with the groundbreaking innovation that has captivated the gaming community: Minecraft Dungeons Arcade Cards.

These digital collectibles are infusing a new level of thrill into the realm of cubic escapades. As we embark on this journey into the world of Minecraft Dungeons Arcade Cards, get ready to unveil their mechanics, unearth their concealed treasures, and understand how they are reshaping the players’ encounter with this cherished franchise.

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What Are the Minecraft Dungeons Arcade Cards?

In this alternate rendition of the game, cards serve as equipment. Unlike the original mechanics where random items with varying stats are acquired from defeating enemies as you advance through dungeons, your equipment in Minecraft Dungeons Arcade is influenced by the cards you’ve scanned at the commencement of a game.

You have access to five slots designated for scanning the five unique card types: Melee Weapon, Ranged Weapon, Armor, Skin, and Pet. Any additional slots will be filled with random items. Using a specific card will directly grant you the corresponding item, offering control over randomness and allowing you to embrace your preferred gameplay style.

How To Get Minecraft Dungeons Arcade Cards?

When you start a new game or receive a continue from the arcade machine, it will automatically give you a single card. You have no control over which card you’ll get, making it akin to opening a real-life booster pack. Despite each attempt providing only one card, you also get the perk of playing an entire game.

every card has its own Foil version, which doesn’t affect gameplay significantly and primarily functions as a collectible item.

Luckily, there’s no substantial disparity in card power. Therefore, if you’re contemplating trying out this game at the arcade near your residence, you don’t need to be concerned about obtaining particular cards in advance. Your performance is likely to remain strong, irrespective of the cards you obtain while playing.

This distinction acts as the key difference between the Arcade iteration and the regular one. However, several other differences also exist, which effectively differentiate the two versions. If your goal is to collect these appealing cards, giving this version a try might prove to be a gratifying pursuit.

Minecraft Dungeons Arcade Cards Gameplay

The game presents both single-player and multiplayer modes, accommodating up to four players within the multiplayer option. It features a diverse range of weapons, armors, heroes, and mobs, challenging players to embark on missions and conquer hostile mobs.

In the arcade iteration, the gameplay adopts a side-on perspective, with players utilizing physical collectible cards at the commencement of each game to make selections for their gear, pet, and hero. Notably, the arcade edition introduces exclusive mobs, including the obsidian monstrosity, mages, and various iterations of jungle zombies and frozen zombies.

Upon initiating the game, players receive a card and are provided with five vacant slots, each specifically designated for a particular card type. Players can scan one card from each category, and any remaining empty slots are filled with random items. After the card selections are made,

players then choose a mission, initiating the game. The gameplay centers around three primary actions: melee attacks, ranged attacks, and dodging, all managed through a joystick for movement. The hero character materializes on the left side of the screen, initially adorned solely with armor, progressing across the map from left to right, engaging mobs in sequential stages using basic weapons like swords and bows.

Mob Fights in Minecraft Dungeons Arcade

Defeating mobs can earns emeralds, contributing to filling meters for weapons, armor, and pet cards. When meters fill, corresponding items activate. Melee weapons grant a 150% damage boost compared to the basic sword, while ranged weapons offer various areas of effect and no cooldown. Pets, acting as NPCs, assist in attacking mobs and persist after the hero’s defeat. Armor reduces damage and automatically equips upon the gem meter reaching capacity.

In mission progression, waves of mobs grow larger and more challenging. Each mission features a mid-point cutscene and concludes with a boss battle for completion. Completing two consecutive missions unlocks a bonus fight against the obsidian monstrosity.

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List of Minecraft Dungeons Arcade Cards Series 1

List of Minecraft Dungeons Arcade Cards Series
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Here is a list of the weapons in Series 1:

1. Sun’s Grace – Melee – Common

Minecraft Dungeons Arcade Cards Series Sun Grace melee common

2. Grave Bane – Melee – Rare

Minecraft Dungeons Arcade Cards Series Grave Bane – Melee – Rare

3. Stormlander – Melee – Rare

Minecraft Dungeons Arcade Cards Series Stormlander Melee Rare

4. Heartstealer – Melee – Unique

Minecraft Dungeons Arcade Cards Series Heartstealer Melee Unique

5. Nameless Blade – Melee – Rare

Minecraft Dungeons Arcade Cards Series Nameless Blade Melee Rare

6. Firebrand – Melee – Rare

Firebrand – Melee – Rare

7. Soul Fists – Melee – Common

Dungeons Arcade Cards Series Foul Fists Melee Common

8. Frost Scythe – Melee – Rare
9. Master’s Katana – Melee – Unique
10.Cursed Axe – Melee – Unknown
11.Flail – Melee – Common
12.Broadsword – Melee – Unknown
13.Nightmare’s Bite – Melee – Unique
14.Moon Daggers – Melee – Unknown
15.Fortune Spear – Melee – Rare
16.Twin Bow – Range – Common
17.Red Snake – Range – Unknown
18.Sabrewing – Range – Unknown
19.The Pink Scoundrel – Range – Unique
20.Corrupted Beacon – Range – Unknown
21.Auto Crossbow – Range – Unknown
22.Firebolt Thrower – Range – Rare
23.Lightning Rod – Range – Unique¹²³
24. Lightning Harp Crossbow – Range – Rare
25.The Green Menace – Range – Rare
26.Imploding Crossbow – Range – Unique
27.Harp Crossbow– Range – Common
28.Souldancer Robe – Armor – Common
29.Battle Robe – Range – Common
30.Wolf Armor – Range – Common
31.Grim Armor – Range – Common
32.Highland Armor – Range – Common
33.Renegade Armor  – Armor – Rare
34.Spider Armor – Armor – Rare
35.Full Metal Armor – Armor – Rare
36 Ember Robe
37 Ender Armor Unique
38 Titan’s Shroud
39 Frost Bite
40 Hero’s Armor
41 Morris
42 Elaine
43 Valorie
44 Violet
45 Ivy
46 Meadow
47 Sven
48 Sam
49 Elan
50 Ebo
51 Frisk Unique
52 Adriene
53 Wolf Pet
54 Polar Bear Unique
55 Pig
56 Llama
57 Fox
58 Panda
59 Ocelot
60 Chicken

The melee cards in Minecraft Dungeons feature swords, axes, flails, and more. The rare melee cards include Stormlander, Nameless Blade, and Frost Scythe. Heartstealer is a unique melee card with a distinct design. The range cards feature bows, crossbows, and more. The unique range cards are The Pink Scoundrel and Lightning Rod. The rare range cards include Firebolt Thrower and Fortune Spear. Each card has a unique design and name that adds to the game’s excitement. Players can collect and use these cards to defeat enemies and progress through the game’s various levels.

Minecraft Dungeons Arcade Cards Series 2

Minecraft Dungeons Arcade. The Series 2 cards are now available for Minecraft Dungeons Arcade, which brings the total number of collectible cards to 98 (adding 38).

Here is a list of the weapons in Series 2:

61. Encrusted Anchor -Melee – Unique
62. Battlestaff of Terror – Melee – Unique
63. Hawkbrand – Melee – Unique
64. Sponge Striker – Melee – Unique
65. The Last Laugh – Melee – Rare
66. Vine Whip – Melee – Rare
67. Whirlwind – Melee – Rare
68. Whispering Spear – Melee – Rare
69. Bubble Burster Range  – Rare
70. Nautical Crossbow – Range – Common
71. Web Bow – Range –
72. Bonebow  – Range – Common
73. Purple Storm – Range – Rare
74. Soul Hunter Crossbow – Range – Common
75. Spellbound Crossbows – Range –
76. Eye of the Guardian – Range –
77. Squid Armor
78. Glow Squid Armor
79. Nimble Turtle Armor
80. Archer’s Armor
81. Ghost Kindler Armor
82. Phantom Armor – Rare
83. Stalwart Armor – Common
84. Fox  – Armor
85. The Archeologist – Skin
86. Baako Skin
87. Dani  Skin
88. Darian Skin
89. Fuego Skin – Common
90. Kelptomaniac Skin
91. Monumental Skin
92. Wargen Skin
93. Sheep – Pet
94. Rabbit – Pet
95. Goat – Pet
96. Bee – Pet
97. Baby Turtle – Pet – Unique
98. Iron Golem – Pet


Minecraft Dungeons Arcade introduces an immersive cooperative dungeon-crawling experience enhanced by an ingenious deck-building mechanic. This system empowers players to tailor their gameplay journey by amassing cards that represent an array of weapons, artifacts, and abilities. These cards span a range of types, rarities, and showcase distinctive artwork.

The game offers both single-player and multiplayer modes, accompanied by exclusive mobs unique to the arcade version. Players select a card for each designated type, and any remaining slots are populated with randomized items. As players progress through missions, waves of adversaries grow in size and challenge. The comprehensive Minecraft Dungeons Arcade card series encompasses 23 distinct items from Series 1, each distinguished by its individual name and design.


Q. 1 How do I get the cards?

A. You get one card for every play session, and you can scan up to five cards per session to use them in the game12.

Q.2 What do the cards do?

A. The cards give you different items, weapons, armor, pets and skins that you can use in the game. Some cards are rarer than others and have special effects12.

Q.3 Do the cards have any value outside the game?

A. The cards are mainly for in-game bonuses, but some people may collect them or trade them with others. You can also buy them online from some sellers



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