Survival Reworked addon

Survival Reworked addon

If Minecraft gets boring, the Survival Reworked addon is a great way to spice things up. New mobs will become real challenges, as many will be added, and you will never be ready for what is coming next. Every enemy from over 40 that you may face in the game should be fought differently. Artifacts are also a new addition, which will assist you in fighting the mobs. They can be acquired through crafting or as loot dropped by the mobs.

You must make a few more steps to arrive at the last battle in the End. In the Nether, you must kill the Abomination summonable using a totem from the illagers’ village. Only after this can you move to the End and attempt to tackle the bosses in the area

The Survival Reworked Addon 1.20 is a Minecraft PE/Bedrock modification. It improves your survival adventure by introducing new elements and changing the progression.


The addon adds more than 40 entities, such as Bear, Bone Serpent, Illusioner, Miner Illager, Speaker, Knight Blaze, and Molten gabbro golem.

– Artifacts: 

These are special effects. For instance, the molten ingot auto-smelts every ore in your inventory, the magnet attracts dropped items to you, and the sculk quiver lets your arrows pass through blocks.

– New Progression: 

The development of this addon is unique. The Nether is accessed by killing the Abomination, which is summoned by a strange totem in some villagers’ structures. To go to the End, you have to kill the Wither.

It should be noted that this addon is hard (even on easy), and it is not recommended for beginners or mobile players. It also does not have the pocket UI, so if you are a mobile player, enable classic UI in the video setting. Ensure that all the Experimental Gameplay is turned on.

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How to install Survival Reworked

– Download Mod;
– Use Minecraft
– Install by opening the downloaded file;
– Have fun!🎮✨

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