Best Minecraft Seeds 1.20 Bedrock, Java

Best Minecraft Seeds 1.20 Bedrock, Java

What will be the best Minecraft seeds in 2024? Learn about the most exciting seeds in the world with our concise list. When you only want to simply live the game’s endless possibilities, you need the right seeds and places, such as speed running through strong structures, building your dream in beautiful landscapes, and looting from rare objects.

What are Minecraft Seeds?

Minecraft seeds are magical strings of numbers that shape the very fabric of the blocky universe. When you embark on a new Minecraft adventure, these seeds determine the world generation you’ll encounter. Imagine them as cosmic coordinates, guiding you to lush forests, treacherous mountains, or hidden temples. Minecraft seeds are a starting point for the random generation process, allowing for diverse and unique Minecraft worlds.

How to use a seed to create a specific Biome in Minecraft

To use a seed to create a specific biome in Minecraft, you can follow these general steps:

1. For Java and Bedrock Editions:

  •  Open Minecraft and choose the option Create New World.
  •  Click on More World Options.
  •  Insert the desired seed known to generate the specific biome you want in the seed line.
  •  Create the world, and the landscape should reflect the biome’s characteristics associated with that seed.

2. For Specific Biome Spawning:

  • While Minecraft does not offer a direct way to spawn in a specific biome, using a known seed that generates the desired biome is the closest method to achieve this.
  • Players can search for and use specific seeds known to spawn in the desired biome to increase the chances of encountering it in their world.

By inputting a specific seed associated with a particular biome during world creation, players can increase the likelihood of spawning in or near that biome when starting a new Minecraft world.

Difference between a seed and a world in minecraft

In Minecraft, the key difference between a seed and a world lies in their roles during world generation:


  •  A seed in Minecraft is a unique value, typically a number, that is the starting point for the random world generation process. It influences how the world is created, determining its landscapes, structures, and layout.
  • Players can input specific seeds when creating a new world to generate worlds with desired characteristics or share interesting world configurations with others.
  • Seeds are what you feed into the formula that “randomly” determines the world, acting as the initial input for generating the Minecraft world.


  • The world in Minecraft refers to the actual gameplay environment where players explore, build, and interact. Each world has a unique seed associated with it.
  • When a player creates a new world, they can manually input a specific seed or let the game choose one randomly. This seed influences how the world will be generated and what features it will contain.
  • The world is the playable space within Minecraft that is created based on the input seed, providing a unique experience for each gameplay session.

In summary, while the seed acts as the initial value determining how a Minecraft world is generated, the world itself is the actual playable environment created based on this seed.

Best Minecraft Seeds 1.20 Bedrock, Java

1.Pretty icy

Pretty icy 1.20

This seed was discovered by Redditor Hanazeri in 1.19, and the gorgeous frozen environment in the image above remains unchanged in the 1.20 release. The Cherry Grove biome, situated close to an ice mountain, elevates this beyond Tales and Trails. 

The vantage point above can be found at coordinates x=93, z=2,655, while the snowy mountain and cherry blossom combo can be located a *cough* short *cough* walk along the x-axis to x=-694, z=2,846.

There’s no better colour combination than pink and white, right? Thus, return to the magnificent construction plot above, gather some pink petals and saplings from Cherry Grove, and transform that circular meadow into a snowy pink heaven.

2.Sakura Season

Sakura Season 1.20

This one takes advantage of the Cherry Grove, which is included in Minecraft’s latest 1.20 update. It provides a fantastic picture of a woodland covered in cherry blossoms and demonstrates the game’s potential for breathtaking landscapes. Additionally, you’ll have access to chests holding rare things because there’s an Ancient City nearby.

  • Ruined Portal (-248, 88)
  • Ancient City (-312, 72)
  • Mineshaft (-360, -392)
  • Mineshaft (-248, -376)
  • Savanna Village (96, 320)
  • Savanna Village (48, 624)

3.Lush forest with mansion

Lush forest with mansion
Rarely do you find yourself stalking a seed wherein you can generate the structure with loot right on top of where you just started! But that’s the magic of this seed in Bedrock Version. Not only the treasure in the woodland mansion at the beginning of the game, but also a couple of ravaged villages are the points of interest.
portals and trail ruins to explore.

Locations of note

  • Woodland Mansion – Spawn Point
  • Ruined Portal 1 – X: 328 Z: 40
  • Ruined Portal 2 – X: -392 Z: 152
  • Trail Ruins 1 – X: -184 Z: 184
  • Trail Ruins 2 – X: 120 Z: 312

4. Village besides ocean

Village besides ocean

This Bedrock seed 1.20 of Minecraft is a source of treasure relative to desert biomes and provides various structures that can be ransacked for treasure. Whether you are hunting for loot boxes or combing the sand for a shifty suspect, both areas are heavily mapped from this seed.

Location of note

  • Ruined Portal – X: 8 Z: 56
  • Ruined Portal 2 – X: -360 Z: 248
  • Desert Well 1 – X: -228 Z: 68
  • Desert Well 2 – X: 373 Z: 35
  • Desert Well 3 – X: 161 Z: -170
  • Desert Well 4 – X: 193 Z: -158
  • Pyramid 1 – X: 88 Z: 72
  • Pyramid 2 – X: 184 Z: -280
  • Pyramid 3 – X: -376 Z: 184
  • Village 1 – X: -360 Z: 8
  • Village 2 – X: 328 Z: 72

5. Trail ruins above ancient city

Trail ruins above ancient city

Each time a seed is produced in Minecraft, the seed’s effect may be that it would generate some random things or events.

Particularly unusual features. Since the seed world of Minecraft is Bedrock.

The show is referenced as a graphical representation of the ongoing dialogue between the survivors and the lost city in the significant drop that divides the ruins of the ancient roads. The hydraulic lift and live tabletop do more than only help you save some digging time by finding.

Beside the trail ruins are other potential loot points that sloppy players might miss.

Locations of note
  •  Trail Ruins – X: 88 Z: 88
  •  Ancient City – X: 88 Y: -51 Z: 88
  •  Village 1 – X: -312 Z: -200
  •  Village 2 – X: -328 Z: 104
  •  Village 3 – X: 184 Z: 168
  •  Ruined Portal1 – X: -248 Z: 24 
  • Ruined Portal 2 – X: 56 Z: 344

6. Desert wells and pyramids

Desert wells and pyramids

With Minecraft 1.20 in place, the pottery shelves are looted, and a player can even brush some mysterious bloks. Seeds are suitable for all those searching for some sherds of houses located in desert environments, which usually have pyramids and water wells. But even better, a few villages to help you are also found among villages of animals.

Locations of note

  • Pyramid 1 – X: -344 Z: 72
  • Pyramid 2 – X: 88 Z: 328
  • Pyramid 3 – X: 360 Z: -152
  • Pyramid 4 – X: -152 Z: -408
  • Desert Well 1 – X: 41 Z: 120
  • Desert Well 2 – X: -43 Z: -234
  • Desert Well 3 – X: -339 Z: 290
  • Desert Well 4 – X: 29 Z: 417
  • Desert Well 5 – X: 394 Z: 22
  • Desert Well 6 – X: 480 Z: 47
  • Desert Well 7 – X: 427 Z: -186
  • Desert Well 8 – X: 760 Z: -115
  • Village 1 – X: -376 Z: 232
  • Village 2 – X: 728 Z: 232
  • Village 3 – X: 792 Z: -152

7. Temples, beaches, and more

Temples, beaches, and more

A significant addition designed into the Smith templates is evidenced in version 1.20, and they are listed under different headers from the game generator.

Structures. Gladly about this seed, you may find almost any structure containing them both in Overworld and in Yther due to ancient portals close to the main spawn point in such Minecraft seed.

Locations of note

  • Desert Village 1 – X: 8 Z: 72
  • Desert Village 2 – X: -520 Z: 216
  • Desert Well – X: 300 Z: -71
  • Desert Pyramid – X: -424 Z: 168
  • Ruined Portal – X: 328 Z: 24
  • Ruined Portal 2 – X: -632 Z: 248
  • Shipwreck 1 – X: -296 Z: -136
  • Shipwreck 2 – X: -504 Z: -152
  • Ocean Ruins 1 – X: -296 Z: 88
  • Ocean Ruins 2 – X: -536 Z: 136
  • Pillager Outpost – X: -680 Z: 184
  • Trail Ruins – X: -904 Z: 232
  • Jungle Temple – X: -680 Z: 280
  • Woodland Mansion – X: -664 Z: 696

Even though you will be required to explore walking to find all of the smithing templates this Bedrock bed has, you will be at least ensured a walk.

The benefit of quick access to a camel. Sample Sentence: Distinct periods in human history are marked by the development and application of different tools and technologies. With the rider in the saddle, all that would be required of this steed for a bard would be a polite request to take you to any structure in existence.

The Overworld. Amazingly, this is a seed for people who prefer unique and fresh features.

8. Ancient city and trail ruins

Ancient city and trail ruins

If you want to experiment with trims that create a fashion shock wave, this can be the seed for you. Take a plunge into a city trapped inside a jungle ravine that you can find if your best guess for trimming the armor for the ward is correct. What is interesting here is that the trail will pass through the ruins of the old town, and then, you can have a chance to climb above the ancient city, thinking how cool it is.

Locations of note

  • X: 53, Y: 106, Z: 82 – Deep Ravine – Ancient City (Ward Armor Trims) – Trail Ruins, Dripstone

9. Six villages around spawn

Six villages around spawn

This is the kind of Minecraft seed for you if you like more than one village. Find where small villages populate this region all over the land, even in their way.

Taiga Villages of homey chill to icy cottages of no comfort. Your wanderings through every village are much more than just a journey…you are getting to know their charms and discovering their hidden secrets. From country life to the high seas, polar wastelands, and Everest.

Biomes this seed is unique with different types of landscapes and activities in Minecraft.


  • 1st (X: 112, Y: 63, Z: 233)
  • 2nd (X: 120, Y: 91, Z: 588)
  • 3rd (X: -162, Y: 64, Z: 253)
  • 4th (X: 524, Y: 68, Z: 763) – Ice Village
  • 5th (X: 244, Y: 79, Z: 1114) – Ice Village
  • 6th (X: -368, Y: 63, Z: -159) – Taiga Village

10. Oceanic exploration

Oceanic exploration

If you want to ocean monument speedrun, this is one of the best Minecraft seeds to boost your speed. Spawning next to that ocean where a monument has submerged trail ruin is what welcomes you. The seed is additionally equipped with a jungle temple and even a ruined trail in front of it. See also. As a result, the odds of popping up on this seed have decreased, and you can look elsewhere if you wish to explore wild trims or build an old town around it.

  • X: 88, Y: 67, Z: 43 – Trail Ruins, Ocean Monument
  • Z: 1849, Y: 82, Z: 1784 – Jungle Temple and Trail Ruin

11. Jungle temple

Jungle temple

The Minecraft world generation is weird, and this Bedrock seed only shows an example of the bizarre generation of the Minecraft world. When players enter the game, they are replenished with the resources they need.
Because it’s in the middle of the ocean, the closest one could say about its land lies in a tiny pot with a jungle temple looking upon it.

  • at X: 664 Z: 296.

12. Jungle temple

Credit Mojang studios

In this seed, you will spawn on the beaches of a large lake, but if loot is what you’re seeking, there are plenty of structures to find.

Fortunately, there are several towns to pillage before moving on to the more challenging sites worth examining.

In addition to villages, there is a pillager outpost, several destroyed Nether portals, and a series of cold ocean ruins near the spawn spot.

  • Village 1 – X: -288 Z: -160
  • Village 2 – X: -272 Z: 112
  • Village 3 – X: 80 Z: 256
  • Village 4 – X: -688 Z: 304
  • Village 5 – X: -352 Z: 576
  • Pillager Outpost – X: -368 Z: -464
  • Ruined Portal 1 – X: 168 Z: 136
  • Ruined Portal 2 – X: -328 Z: 344
  • Ruined Portal 3 – X: -392 Z: -552
  • Cold Ocean Ruins – X: -136 Z: 392
  • Shipwreck – X: 24 Z: -472
  • Trail Ruins – X: 120 Z: -360

13. Warm desert villages

Warm desert villages

With the latest update, desert biomes in Minecraft became significantly more helpful. Camels inhabit desert villages; archaeological bricks may be brushed from desert pyramids and wells; new armour trim designs can be found on desert pyramids. This is one of the seeds for Minecraft that lets you utilize a lot of these constructions to get goods.

Better still, several abandoned portals and even a raider outpost in this seed are worth exploring.

  • Village 1 – X: 368 Z: 304
  • Village 2 – X: 816 Z: 224
  • Village 3 – X: 624 Z: -464
  • Ruined Portal 1 – X: 360 Z: 104
  • Ruined Portal 2 – X: 216 Z: -312
  • Ruined Portal 3 – X: 872 Z: 264
  • Ruined Portal 4 – X: 808 Z: -584
  • Desert Well – X: 376 Z: 169
  • Desert Pyramid 1 – X: 24 Z: 216
  • Desert Pyramid 2 – X: 712 Z: 184
  • Desert Pyramid 3 – X: 712 Z: -360
  • Desert Pyramid 4 – X: 776 Z: -648
  • Pillager Outpost – X: 48 Z: 224

14. Friged mountains alongside villages

Friged mountains alongside villages

This seed offers a variety of structures, including villages, desert wells, desert pyramids, and ocean ruins, all of which are close to the spawn point. The desert biomes in Minecraft 1.20 are known for their loot, so this seed should provide ample opportunities for exploration and discovery.

  • Village – X: 240 Z: -288
  • Ancient City 1 – X: 232 Y: -51 Z: -216
  • Ancient City 2 – X: 440 Y: -51 Z: 136
  • Ancient City 3 – X: 104 Y: -51 Z: 152
  • Ancient City 4 – X: -296 Y: -51 Z: 168
  • Ancient City 5 – X: -648 Y: -51 Z: 632
  • Ancient City 6 – X: -232 Y: -51 Z: 552
  • Ancient City 7 – X: 120 Y: -51 Z: 456
  • Ancient City 8 – X: 488 Y: -51 Z: 568

15. Myriad of structures

Myriad of structures

This seed includes various locations such as villages, desert pyramids, shipwrecks, ocean ruins, desert wells, and ruined portals near the spawn point. Players can enjoy discovering different structures like towns, pyramids, outposts, and abandoned villages, providing a rich and diverse environment for exploration.

  • Village – X: 16 Z: -144
  • Desert Well – X: 160 Z: -221
  • Desert Pyramid – X: 72 Z: 232
  • Ocean Ruins 1 – X: -184 Z: -136
  • Ocean Ruins 2 – X: -216 Z: 152
  • Ocean Ruins 3 – X: -472 Z: -200
  • Shipwreck 1 – X: -312 Z: -184
  • Shipwreck 2 – X: -472 Z: 24
  • Shipwreck 3 – X: -72 Z: 296
  • Ruined Portal 1 – X: 168 Z: -520
  • Ruined Portal 2 – X: -360 Z: -440
  • Ruined Portal 3 – X: -600 Z: 120


1. What are Minecraft seeds?
– Minecraft seeds are codes or phrases that generate specific worlds in the game. Each seed creates a unique terrain, landscape, and environment for players to explore and build in.

2. What makes a seed the “best” in Minecraft?
– The definition of the “best” seed can vary depending on individual preferences. However, generally, players look for seeds that offer interesting landscapes, rare features, convenient spawn locations, and access to valuable resources like villages, temples, strongholds, or unique biomes.

3. Are Minecraft seeds the same for Bedrock and Java editions?
– Minecraft seeds are not always the same between Bedrock and Java editions due to differences in world generation algorithms. While some seeds may produce similar worlds across both editions, significant variations can exist.

4. How can I find and use Minecraft seeds?
– Players can find seeds from various online sources, including forums, websites, and social media platforms dedicated to Minecraft. Once you have a seed code, you can input it during world creation or use it to generate a specific world in Minecraft.

5. Can I share Minecraft seeds with other players?
– Yes, players often share their favourite seeds with others. You can share seed codes directly or provide screenshots and descriptions of exciting worlds generated by specific seeds.

6. Are there any tools or websites to help find Minecraft seeds?
– Yes, several tools and websites offer databases of Minecraft seeds, along with features to filter and search for specific types of worlds. Some popular options include  Minecraft Seeds, and various seed-sharing communities on platforms like Reddit.

7. Can I use mods or plugins to enhance the seed-finding experience?
– Players can use mods or plugins that provide additional features for exploring and discovering Minecraft seeds. These tools may offer advanced search options, preview generated worlds, or even customize certain aspects of world generation.

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