Time Stop Addon

Time Stop Addon

The Time Stop Addon for Minecraft PE/Bedrock grants you the extraordinary ability to manipulate time. With this addon, you can control various aspects of the game world, including entities, projectiles, weather changes, and even the flow of time itself! Here are the key features of the Time Stop Addon:

  1. Time Control Clocks: Craft special clocks that allow you to control time. After crafting them, you gain the ability to manipulate time in different ways:
    • Time Stop: Freeze everything around you. Entities, projectiles, and falling blocks will come to a standstill. TNT won’t explode, fire won’t burn, and even weather changes will pause.
    • Time Resume: Restore normal time flow.
    • Time Acceleration: Speed up time significantly, making all mobs and entities move faster.
  2. Crafting Recipes:
    • Time Stop Clock: Craft this clock to activate time stop.
    • Time Resume Clock: Use this to revert everything back to normal.
    • Time Acceleration Watch: Speed up time with this watch.
  3. Player Interaction:
    • In the Time Stop (Players) mode, you can freeze other players, giving you an advantage in battles.

Remember that you’ll need to enable the (Holiday Creator Features) option to use this addon. Enjoy bending time in your Minecraft adventures! 🕰️🔥

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Feel the power of temporal manipulation as you freeze time and alter the course of your Minecraft world! ⏳🌟

How do I install the Time Stop Addon?

To install the Time Stop Addon for Minecraft PE/Bedrock, follow these steps:

  1. Download the Addon:
    • Visit the Time Stop Addon page and download the appropriate version for your Minecraft PE/Bedrock (1.19, 1.18, or 1.20).
  1. Enable Holiday Creator Features:
    • Before using the addon, turn on the Holiday Creator Features option in your Minecraft settings.
  1. Installation:
    • Open Minecraft.
    • Go to the Settings menu.
    • Navigate to Global Resources.
    • Tap on Addons.
    • Click on Import.
    • Select the downloaded addon file (usually in .mcpack format).
    • Activate the addon in your world settings.
  1. Enjoy Time Manipulation:
    • Once installed, you’ll find a special clock in your inventory.
    • Use this clock to control time:
      • Time Stop: Freeze everything around you.
      • Time Resume: Restore normal time flow.
      • Time Acceleration: Speed up time significantly.

Remember, you can’t use the addon without enabling Holiday Creator Features. Now go forth and bend time in your Minecraft adventures! ⏳🔥

Can I use Time Stop Addon on a server?

Certainly! Use the Time Stop Addon on a Minecraft PE/Bedrock server. Here’s how:

1.Server Installation:

  • Install the addon on your server by following the same steps as you would for a single-player world:
  1. Download the Addon: Get the appropriate version of the addon (1.19, 1.18, or 1.20) from the Time Stop Addon page.
  2. Enable Holiday Creator Features: Make sure the Holiday Creator Features option is enabled in your server settings.
  3. Upload the Addon: Upload the downloaded addon file (usually in .mcpack format)to your server.

2.Player Experience:

  • Once the addon is installed on the server, all players connected to it can use the time manipulation features.
  • Players can craft the special clocks and control time within the server environment.

3.Server Rules and Gameplay:

  • Consider establishing rules or guidelines for using time manipulation abilities to maintain a balanced and enjoyable gameplay experience.
  • Communicate with other players about the addon’s features and encourage creative use of time control.

Remember that the addon’s functionality will be available to all players on the server, so use it wisely and have fun exploring the altered timelines! ⏳🌟

Can I use Time Stop Addon on a realm?

Certainly! Use the Time Stop Addon on a Minecraft PE/Bedrock realm. Here’s how:

  1. Realm Setup:
    • Access your Minecraft realm settings.
    • Make sure that the Holiday Creator Features option is enabled for the realm.
  1. Addon Installation:
    • Download the addon from the Time Stop Addon page.
    • Upload the addon file (usually in .mcpack format) to your realm.
  1. Player Experience:
    • All players who join your realm can use the time manipulation features.
    • They can craft special clocks and control time within the realm.
  1. Guidelines:
    • Discuss rules or guidelines with your realm members regarding using time manipulation abilities.
    • Encourage creative and fun gameplay with time control.

Remember, the altered timelines await you and your fellow realm adventurers! ⏳🌟



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